Stockholm Conference 2016


 Inclusion, Participation and Human Rights

in Disability Research

Comparisons and Exchanges


5th Annual Conference of ALTER-ESDR

Stockholm – Sweden, 30 June - 1 July 2016





The conference is organised in the context of the annual meeting of Alter - European Society for Disability Research. Its goal is to offer a European and international multidisciplinary view of disability research, across its whole spectrum, addressing sociohistorical and political dimensions as well as the subjective experiences of the actors concerned (disabled persons themselves and those close to them, professionals of the field and other social and political actors).Considering disability as a category of analysis is also likely to shed light on the modes of organisation of contemporary societies.

The language of the conference is English (with live captioning during joint sessions and one parallel session). The venue of the Fifth Annual Conference of Alter is Stockholm University, located close to Stockholm City centre.



Anders Gustavsson, Stockholm University

Rafael Lindqvist, Uppsala University

Liz Adams Lyngbäck, Stockholm University

Marie Sépulchre, Uppsala University

Louis Bertrand Inserm, Villejuif, France

Richard Johansson, Uppsala University

Eva Jeppsson Grassman, Linköping University




Felicity Armstrong, Institute of Education, University College London

Karin Barron, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Louis Bertrand, Inserm, Villejuif, France

Paula Campos-Pinto, ISCSP, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Berth Danermark, Örebro University, Sweden

Michel Desjardins, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Jean-Sébastien Eideliman, Université Lille3, France

Eva Jeppsson Grassman, University of Linköping, Sweden

Anders Gustavsson, Stockholm University, Sweden

Rafael Linqvist, Uppsala University Sweden

Eric Plaisance, Université Paris-Descartes, France

Per Solvang, HIOA, Norway

Berit Berg, NTNU, Norway

Isabelle Ville, EHESS Paris, France

Anne Waldschmidt, University of Cologne, Germany

Myriam Winance, Inserm Villejuif, France



Researchers are invited to submit abstracts for the Fifth Annual Conference of Alter before 15January 2016. It is possible to submit abstracts for individual presentations or for sessions of 3-4 presentations focusing on the same theme. We particulary encourage submissions concerning comparative international sessions 

The program will be organised according to the following themes: 

Inclusion, Participation, Citizenship, and Human Rights

Innovative Methods in Disability Research

Design, Technology and Materiality

Employment: New Trends and Experiences

Diagnoses, Categorisations and Social Meanings

Schools: Between Inclusion and Exclusion

Gender, Ethnicity and Intersectionality

Disability and Culture: Representations, Media, and Meaning Making

Disability movements, Advocacy, and Identity Politics

First person perspectives on disability


Please upload your abstract and session proposal before 15 January 2016. Your abstract should include a detailed description of your presentation (issue addressed, type of data used, analysis, results and main bibliographical references, maximum 300 words).


Notification of the acceptance of the abstracts and session proposals will be sent to the contact author by 7 March 2016. 


Information and call for abstracts: